Macaron Day at Nosh

Macaron Day at Nosh

Macaron Day is Sunday, March 20 and Nosh is getting involved!

Every year, pastry shops and cafes across North America support local causes, one macaron at a time.

Join us at Nosh on Sunday, March 20! 100% of proceeds raised from the sale of red strawberry and black blackberry macarons will be donated to Vancouver’s Street Thug Barbers.


We are 3 master barbers that offer free haircuts to those on the streets and in the shelters throughout British Columbia. We travel the streets with our skateboards and clippers. Since creating the project in August of last year, we have provided 7000 free haircuts and created projects to help kids get off the streets and into barbering. The donations we receive is to open the first of its kind barbershop that is open 7 days a week for low income families. Our goal is to provide those living on the streets the opportunity to have a fully pampered barbershop experience – free of charge.

During our own struggles in life we learned the importance of human connection and the ability to grow and learn from others. Our pasts make it possible for us to help those in need and those suffering from similar situations. “Our past challenges are future successes for others in need.”

During our journeys through Vancouver, we meet amazing people that have stories to tell and all they ask is for someone to listen. We not only provide free haircuts but also a human connection. The project was founded by Ross Wilson in August 2015 with the purpose to give back to those in need, to those who are like himself and to those looking to begin again with a brighter future.

Read more about Ross Wilson, Cameron Sterling, Josh Malcolm and the Street Thug Barbers HERE.

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