2015 Jeans Day BBQ

2015 Jeans Day BBQ

Thursday, April 30th was our BC Children’s Hospital Foundation Jeans Day™ BBQ on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Glowbal Restaurant Group chefs fired up the barbecues, and served up a delicious array of items, with all proceeds from each $10 lunch supporting BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

THANK YOU to all of those who waited so patiently for your burger. Your stories of similar barbecue fires (yes…our barbecue caught fire) were appreciated and provided great comic relief at the salad line.

This year also saw the greatest turnout in years! We couldn’t believe it and were so grateful.  Our morning sun dance rang true and the rain stayed away, bringing out more people than anticipated – the lineup for a burger continued for the entirety of the day.   THANK YOU to Chef Saboor and the team at Black+Blue, who on the fly, made 200 extra burger patties from scratch – ran to Urban Fair to purchase more hamburger buns, crossed the street to Italian Kitchen for more salads…and (literally) ran them down the street on large racks to the Vancouver Art Gallery grounds.

In the end, the Jeans Day BBQ was a huge success, raising $6,770.00 for B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation – a record breaking Jeans Day BBQ! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for making this possible.

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