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April 28, 2013

The Glowbal Collection Chefs

Corporate Chef Ryan Gauthier, has had the opportunity to work with such notable chefs as Robert Byford, Tim Muellbauer, Kathleen O’Connor, and Bryan Fowke, and the training he received from each one has proven invaluable.  He is passionate about his career and knows he is following his true calling. “Being able to have a job in which you make people feel good is very rewarding and I hope guests enjoy their meals as much as I enjoy creating them.”

A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Assistant Corporate Chef Ryan Morrison began his cooking career in Toronto, before departing for busy kitchens in Alberta, British Columbia and New York City. While in the Big Apple, Ryan honed his culinary chops at a host of notable restaurants, including David Burke & Donatella, L’Impero, and Chez Josephine. Working alongside Corporate Chef Ryan Gauthier, Ryan oversees menu creation at all Glowbal restaurants. In addition, he holds daily menu development meetings with the Executive Chefs at each location to continually evolve the restaurants unique offerings.

A genuine love for food, coupled with how it brings people together within cultures, was – and remains –COAST‘s Executive Chef Pedro Gonzalez’s inspiration for entering the culinary world.  Throughout the course of his career, Pedro has been fortunate to learn from high-level chefs who taught him the importance of providing first class service and products and to never sacrifice the integrity of the food at any cost. After being in Las Vegas for an extended period of time, Pedro is excited to be a part of the Vancouver dining scene, flush with West Coast ingredients.

 As Executive Chef of Italian Kitchen, Shaughn Halls fuses an innate sense of adventure with the vital skills and techniques he has gained in his career thus far. “With every dish that comes out of my kitchen, I aim to satisfy our guests on every level, which is paramount to our success.”

Executive Chef Jon Chuy is yet another Glowbal family member who has been essential to the growth of the restaurant collection.  Starting as Chef de Partie at Trattoria, he has traveled to glowbal grill, Italian Kitchen and back to Trattoria.  “Both of my grandmothers were always cooking great homey meals, and coming from an Italian and Chinese background, food is everything!”  The perfect fit for our Kitsilano neighbourhood hotspot.

dennisAn adventurous foodie with an ever-changing index of favourite ingredients, Executive Chef Dennis Peckham has honed his craft over the years at reputable restaurants both near and far, including Lumiere and West in Vancouver, the Napa Valley’s French Laundry, as well as Alinea and Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. He is an alumnus of GLOWBAL COLLECTION kitchens, including COAST and Black+Blue. Most recently, Dennis showcased his culinary prowess with Sequoia Group as Executive Chef at Seasons in the Park, and as Corporate Chef for the Daniel Hospitality Group. In his role as kitchen captain of SOCIETY Dining Lounge, Dennis looks forward to mentoring his team, encouraging a sense of pride for their work while spurring excitement for the culinary arts. On SOCIETY’s menu, guests can expect plenty of playful twists on classic dishes.

Mark’s culinary-curiosity spark lit young thanks to “one of the best chefs” he knows, his Italian mother, Teresa. Mark joined The Glowbal Collection in 2006 to become Executive Chef of Sanafir shortly after it opened and spent nearly four years at the helm of the Granville Street hot spot, before returning to Calgary to work with a high-end catering company, Devour.  Executive Chef Mark McEwan boomeranged back to the Vancouver dining scene to accept the position at Black+Blue and reunite with his Glowbal Collection team effective November 2013. He looks forward to incorporating all he has learned over the years into his fresh post at Black+Blue. With a deep respect for food provenance and preparation, coupled with a genuine desire to empower and mentor his team, Mark is primed for success at one of the city’s top steakhouses.

craigA Canadian Prairie boy with a penchant for pasta and spicy garlic, Executive Chef Craig Scherer fuses love of the great outdoors with passion for culinary creation.  His well-earned Italia-style kitchen experience, led Craig to join the vibrant team at Vancouver’s Italian Kitchen in 2010. The forward-looking chef evolves his skills through experimentation and learning from others. Now leading the team at The Fish Shack as Executive Chef, creating new dishes and putting unique twists on traditional ones are a steady source of professional reward. On his days off, Craig frequents Vancouver’s cornucopia of Farmers’ Markets, meeting with local producers and sourcing fresh ingredients and inspiration. Gregarious, passionate and modest, Craig always goes above and beyond for guests through meals to remember.

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