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January 24, 2012

The Art of Steak with Black+Blue’s Chef Jason Labahn

There’s been a lot of talk about Black+Blue’s design elements; but now it’s time to talk about the beef!

Black+Blue offers up the finest cuts of beef available, proudly displayed in our glass encased dry aging cellar. Aged for 28-45 days, the Himalayan Salt Wall creates an unforgettable flavour and unbeatable tenderness.

Steak expert and Executive Chef at Black+Blue, Jason Labahn, takes us into his kitchen to show us the art of butchering, seasoning and grilling the perfect steak. In his words, it’s all about the “appreciation for the craft of steak”. Watch below as Chef Jason teaches us all about steak.

Guests at Black+Blue have the opportunity to hand pick their steak. Select the type of beef, your desired cut and size, and preference of doneness. Along with our selection of sides, it makes for a memorable meal!

Snake River Wagyu-
“Wa” meaning things that are Japanese and “gyu” meaning cattle or beef, it is considered to be one of the most naturally enhanced, flavourful, tendered, and juiciest type of beef in the world. The cattle are even treated to the occasional beer, followed by a massage, and hand fed corn and potatoes providing additional meat tenderness. Cow royalty, really. Snake River Wagyu is available in New York Strip, Rib Eye and Cowboy Cut.

Double RR Ranch-
The ranch is the top producer in the Pacific Northwest. The cattle are hand sorted and graded to the highest standard. The Double RR Ranch steaks are shipped to a limited number of restaurants and chefs, making this beef quite exclusive. Take on Black+Blue’s Double RR Ranch 4lbTomahawk cut.

P.E.I Blue Ribbon Canadian Prime-
Raised on the lush seaside fields of Prince Edward Island, the cattle feast on longer grass creating superior marbling. The Blue Ribbon Program selects only 2% of Canadian cattle to be of high enough standard and quality for the title of Canadian Prime. This beef is always tender, juicy, well marbled, with a buttery flavour. P.E.I Blue Ribbon has Tenderloin cuts available, as well as New York Strip, Rib Eye (bone in) and Porterhouse.

Reserve Angus-
The world renowned Reserve Angus Beef deserves its reputation of a Canadian super-premium. Ranchers use a small and controlled number of Black Angus cattle and monitor with a close eye the diet and size. The marbling is rich, producing top quality cuts of Tenderloin, New York Strip and Rib Eye (bone in).


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