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Meet the Glowbalites | Guest Star: Brandon Copico

March 31, 2011

Brandon Copico sets glowbal on fire with his charm, professionalism and talent. No stranger to the hospitality business, Brandon’s entire career has focused on food, wine, spirits and service.

Having held other positions in the Glowbal Collection, Brandon now brings his talent and knowledge to glowbal grill where he awaits your visit. Follow him on twitter @copico.

Glowbal Group: Where did you grow up?

Brandon: Kelowna, BC

Glowbal Group: Tell us about your experience in this business.

Brandon: My first positions in the restaurant industry were in the kitchen. I started in Kelowna as a Chef’s Apprentice and worked my way up to be a Kitchen Night Leader at Milestones. I moved to Grand Cayman for a few years and developed a passion for the Front of House. I’ve held every position from busser to server to Beverage Manager.

Glowbal Group: Do you have a favorite Glowbal Group restaurant?

Brandon: I love Sanafir…I think it’s a great room with a fantastic vibe. The food is to die for as well.

Glowbal Group: Best meal you’ve ever had?

Brandon: A restaurant called BED in the Cayman Islands. Amazing soft shell crab appetizer, the best Lobster Thermador ever and incredible Crepes Suzette. Lots of wine and great company!

Glowbal Group: What do you drink?

Brandon: Old Fashioned.

Glowbal Group: If you weren’t in this business what would you be doing?

Brandon: I’d be working on a winery somewhere.

Glowbal Group: Favorite meal?

Brandon: Cheese.

Glowbal Group: What don’t we know about you?

Brandon: I’m a huge Country Music Fan.

Glowbal Group: Favorite vacation spot?

Brandon: Brazil…I spent 3 weeks there a few years back. I love the sun and I love to surf. The people who live there have so much passion for life and I’m not going to lie..are easy on the eyes.

Glowbal Group: What do you do in your spare time?

Brandon: I love to surf, snowboard, golf and hang with friends. I’m also a DJ.

Glowbal Group: If you could host anyone at glowbal grill for the night who would it be?

Brandon: Kate Beckinsale….(the rest has been edited for content reasons)…hehe.

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